Summer Reading List 2017

The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous here on the east coast of Canada. Hot, sunny and truly amazing! (Have I told you that I love summer?!) The weather, however, is not always that cooperative and every so often we’re hit with a run of rainy weather, like we were last week.

During the few days of rain we had I managed to finish three books. Don’t worry. I was on vacation. There’s no way I could ever finish three books in a week otherwise.

That being said summer is not usually my reading season. Generally in the summer I let the reading slide. There’s just too much to do! Tending the garden, enjoying the sun, going to the beach, BBQ-ing, hiking. These things all take precious time and when summer is only 8 weeks long, you make the most of it! But when the rain sets in and traps you inside, what better thing to do than read?

I generally use the winter and spring seasons to read about new hobbies, interesting non-fiction and generally use it as a learning opportunity for the next year. (Check out my winter 2016 and spring 2017 reading choices here and here).

In the summer, however, its all about fun! One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to grab a coffee and peruse my local book store for new books to add to my collection.

I also make sure that I check the prices of the books I like on Google Books because they are almost always cheaper! I try and have one paper book and one e-book on the go at all times. E-books are great for in the house, but the screen is hard to read outside in the sun. Insert: paper books.

My summer reading (so far) includes:

Pets on the couch

I find myself a lover of animal memoirs, and have read many of them. This book, written by Dr. Nicholas Dodman, DVM, is one of the best vet-written books I’ve ever read. Dr. Dodman uses conventional human medicine to treat every animal from dogs and cats to horses and cheetahs.

This book includes dogs diagnosed with OCD, a horse with tourettes and parrots with anxiety disorder. With my biology/zoology background I had always known that humans are just another animal. However taking diagnostics and treatments of animals to this level and prescribing human medicine to treat animal ailments is so unheard of (for now) that it made for an edge-of-your-seat read.

Pets on the Couch

Field Notes

This book was sitting casualty on a shelf at the bookstore with a pile of other Canadian-authored books on sale after our big holiday last week (Canada 150!). Upon further inspection I noticed that it was actually signed by the author as she had done a book signing a few weeks earlier.

Written by Sara Jewell, this book is part memoir, part stories, part everyday life. Sara was from a small town on the east coast of Canada who moved away to continue her writing career. She has recently moved back to a small town near where I live and wrote this book about the little things she enjoys being back here.

She brings a fresh perspective to small town country living. This book awakened a little bit of the pioneer in me and reminds me what is so appealing about this lifestyle.

Field Notes

Big Magic

If you travel around the blogosphere you’ve no-doubt heard tell of this book which came out last year. If not than you have at least heard of Elizabeth Gilbert’s other work, namely ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. 

Big Magic is all about living creatively and what this means for creative thinkers (and in my case, people who don’t see themselves as creative at all). Liz makes it clear that everyone should find some sort of creative outlet and to not let fear hold back whatever creative ventures you wish to pursue.

Reading the reviews and excerpts from this book actually kept me from buying it for the first year it was out. Big Magic is very The Secret-esque in that it claims that you must make known to the universe what that you wish to acheive. I’m not wholeheartedly on board with those kinds of notions, however the book very much made up for that with the immense inspiration and interesting tidbits it did have locked inside.

Big Magic


What are you reading this summer?

Summer Reading List 2017

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