Spring Reading List 2017

It’s easy in the spring to get wrapped up in life and let the reading go to the wayside. There are seeds to start, coops to clean, sun to sit in, so who has time to just sit. And read. Well this gal makes time!

Spring, being a fresh start, rejuvenating season means that it’s the perfect time to hone in on some personal growth reading or new fun things you want to try this season!

Here’s my spring reading list!

The Urban Food Revolution

I stumbled upon this book in mint condition at my local Value Village and picked it up for a cool $3.99! The entire book is about the food (and more specifically the produce) of the future! Some of the taglines of this book include ‘Planning cities as if food matters’ and ‘Changing the way we feed cities’.

I feel very strongly that no matter where you live, you can eat fresh, nutritious, real food. Our reliance on industrial agriculture has reached its breaking point. People are starting to go back to their roots. If they aren’t growing the food themselves, they are seeking it out locally by real producers.

This book is written by Peter Ladner, a former Vancouver City Councillor and journalist. He outlines how every city, town, and village can become food secure no mater the population and space. He takes a look at some of the most innovative ideas in the western world and brings them right to our tables!

Spring Reading List for Homesteaders

You CAN Farm

Sometimes a girl just needs to hear that it IS possible, ya know? Say what you want about Joel Salatin but the man has seen and done it all! Although I’m not looking to set up a multi-million dollar enterprise (or am I?!) this book really does give you all the warm fuzzy feelings.

Many people who get stuck in the planning/dreaming/wanting/wishing stages of simple living and never get off the ground. The confidence that a book like this gives you is almost enough to physically get you up off that couch and planning your farm!

Spring Reading List for Homesteaders

Hobby Farm Animals

Hobby Farms (the website/magazine) put together this book (encyclopedia?). It was written by Sue Weaver, Ann Larkin Hansen, Cherie Langlois, Arie B. McFarlen, Ph.D and Chris McLaughlin. It outlines the care of almost every hobby farm animal imaginable from chickens and ducks to goats and sheep.

It outlines everything from nutrition to housing. From fencing to fun facts. They break down everything so that even the most green of farmers (ahem) understand and can provide what each animal needs.

Spring Reading List for Homesteaders


What’s on your spring reading list? Leave me a note in the comments!

Spring Reading List for Homesteaders

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