Preserving Herbs in Olive Oil

I love me some great olive oil! [You can read about that here]. I use olive oil almost every day and it is a great source of healthy fats and makes every taste so delicious! Imagine my delight when a random Pinterest photo triggered an amazing idea in me that I had not even thought about before.

Freezing Olive Oil to Preserve Herbs

Last summer I had quite a few herbs growing on the deck. They were great until it came time to harvest them. I didn’t think there would ever be such a thing as too many herbs but boy was I wrong. Had I discovered this trick then, I would have wasted a lot less. With one of my new year’s resolutions being ‘Reducing’ I couldn’t let this trick go to waste.

Simply grab your herbs, cut them to the desired cooking size, place them in an ice cube tray and pour olive oil over them. This creates a great frozen start to your stirfry with fresh herbs no matter the season!

Preserving herbs in Olive Oil


Preserving herbs in Olive Oil

You can use pretty much any of your favorite cooking herbs- I used parsley and minced garlic for my first attempt. Let the oil melt in a frying pan before adding vegetables and you’re off to the races! Take caution as the olive oil melts crazy fast so only take it out of the freezer as soon as you’re about to use it to avoid a greasy mess.

Preserving herbs in Olive Oil

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