The Joys of a Simple Garden

Spring was late this year. It seemed as if winter hit us all at once. But in March. So we were well into May before the ground started to dry up. Our house is on the market and between visitations and open houses, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do a garden this year (*gasp*).  By the time I finally decided to put in a garden it was well into June. There was no time for seed starting and the only thing on my mind was ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid!’ Hence: the Simple Garden.

Last year the peas and beans, however delicious, were taking over the entire plot and I was constantly cutting them back. This year we decided to pick only a few vegetables, late blooming, low maintenance and high yield.

When putting in a simple garden:

Choose the Right Vegetables

This year I decided to put in corn, tomatoes and carrots. Not only are these veggies ones that we eat all the time, they are fairly little maintenance and can be preserved easily.

I also put my deck planters to work with kale, endive, mustard seed and mixed salad lettuce. This is mostly for the Uromastyx we have. She eats leaves twice her size every day.

Simple gardens

Have a Plan

We know that we will not have as many veggies early in the year this year so we have a plan in place. We had signed up for a local veggie box that will supplement our veggie needs as well as provide local meat, eggs and bread for us for a few weeks this summer. It was delivered straight to our house every week which was oh-so very convenient.

We’ve also talked with our neighbours and friends about doing a veggie swap as they’ve planted a few different veggies than we have and we will have more than enough to share.

What you will Enjoy with a Simple Garden

I cannot explain to you the joy of a simple garden. Sure, it is the same amount of watering. And some would argue that its more weeding (because there is more open area in the plot). However my veggies are in neat little rows, all growing great, and I’m not constantly cutting it all back.

Last year:

Simple Gardens

Look at that mess. Ugh.

This year:

Much more manageable.

Have you done easy gardens before? What are your go-to veggies for an easy summer garden?

The Joys of a Simple Garden


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